Kundalini Clubbing

Providing you with a genuine transcendent experience of elevation and natural ecstasy which is available to everyone.


Kundalini Yoga - opens your energy channels, gets your blood and kundalini flowing


Mantra meditation and Gong baths to take you into deep states of relaxation and bliss


Kundalini Dance - a powerful fire dance to release and transform fears or anxieties, followed by a deep, shamanic, transformative journey of dance through the Chakras.

made with love

Heart opening Ceremonial grade cacao elixir. As well as a divine selection of raw chocolates, cakes and teas to keep your energy levels up through the evening.


Kundalini Clubbing

Barefoot, Drug and Alchohol free

We LOVE Yoga, and we LOVE Dance! So we hit on the idea of creating a regular event that includes both…allowing DOUBLE the amount of body/mind bliss!

Kundalini Clubbing is a bringing together of the most powerful transformational tools to energise your body, mind and spirit.  Beginning with a sacred Cacao ceremony  to open your heart and expand your consciousness, a Kundalini yoga set (with Kirsty), deeply healing gong bath, flowing into Kundalini dance (with Mark), for blissful body-mind integration. Followed by conscious club night with uplifting tunes so  you can carry on your dance.

Kundalini yoga, the most effective way to stream your energy to get your bliss channels free and open and Kundalini dance, a shamanic and ecstatic dance through the Chakras, which defies explanation, it just has to be experienced!

And, as always the Juiciful Cafe will be offering delectable and delightful food and drink treats throughout the evening.

Regular monthly events in Bristol with events in London (see Events)

What people say

from our hundreds of happy participants

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    Such an amazingly super fantastic way of starting the new year with gratitude, blessings, vibrant new intentions & joy!! Thank you!!!! (it might have been drug free, but you got me hooked! ) ✨⭐ Xxx

    Lorraine - Bristol

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    Thank you Kirsty and all the others who made it possible for the most uplifting, fun, beautiful, inspiring heart filled time last night .Feeling the love energy today with a new me believing anything and everything is possible XX

    Anya - Bristol

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    Thank you Kundalini Clubbing for an amazing night! Absolutely the very Best way to bring in this wonderful new year! Shine bright light beings it is our year! X

    Wendy - Bristol

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    Such an awesome Night … Magical Beautiful People having an amazing time we ran with the vibes and had so many amazing experiences the Kundalini Yoga The Kundalini Dance The Meditation and The Gongs just were so happy to be there, The food was totally amazing such lush nutritious Goodies ….. not forgetting the massive music extravaganza that kept us jumping to the beat.

    Rodger - Bristol

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    I cannot believe how out of this world this literally was. My personal transformation was so immense I felt so euphoric. The DJ set was amazing, beat perfect and read the mood so well. After finding any excuse not to go am so blessed to have shared this with everyone and can't wait for the next one. Peace, Love and Joy to all who helped make it so special. x

    Paul G - Bristol

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    Super sunrise morning after the amazingly vibrant and energising kundalini clubbing last night....I loved and adored the whole experience! Much love to Kirsty and Mark...Big up the love.X

    Fifi - Bristol

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    Awesome night with Mark, Kirsty and Rachana and the group.......I have so much energy this morning!!......I will spread the word..... Yoga, dance and kombucha tea.......feel the love!!....

    Reg - Bristol

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    Thank you Kirsty and Mark for providing such a wonderful evening, and thanks to everyone else who came also, creating an amazing energy.

    Wendy - Bristol

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    Well that was amazing. I shall certainly be coming back! Xx

    Cat - Bristol

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    Thank you! What an amazing experience. I'd never done anything like that before and will definitely be doing it again. Welcoming environment with loads of smiles, fun and relaxation. The instructors are fantastic. Feeling amazing this morning even though I didn't get to bed til 1.30.

    Sarah B - Bristol

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    Thank you so much for a phenomenal night! Truly Amazing! I felt wonderful this morning and blessed to have shared dance time and space with you all. xxx

    Morgan - Bristol

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    What an incredible night full of high energy and possibility. Most fun I've had sober, ever! Thank you to everyone for the full on energy!

    Mattie - Bristol

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    Thank you thank you thank you. Amazing night with Amazing people. Your energy is incredible. Looking forward to the next one where I'll be bringing lots of lovely peeps.

    Ceri - Bristol